Advancing Care Together

Advancing Care Together (ACT) is a four-year program sponsored by the Colorado Health Foundation.

As the name of the program suggests, ACT is a dynamic collaboration by the behavioral health, substance use, and primary care communities to take action together to discover practical ways to integrate care for people whose health problems and health care needs span physical, emotional, and behavioral domains. Over the lifespan, this includes almost everyone.

ACT funds a portfolio of 11 demonstration projects that aspire to achieve and extend the principles of the patient-centered medical home to integrate mental health, substance use, behavior change, and primary care services.

The ACT portfolio is made up of primary care practices and community mental health centers in Colorado servicing diverse geographic areas and employing a range of care delivery models. Learn more about the ACT innovators.

Creating Systems of Care for the Whole Person

The purpose of ACT is to learn from a set of demonstration projects about what it takes to create working models of integrated care. ACT defines integration as the work involved in bringing together disparate parts of the healthcare system into a coherent whole that has meaning for healthcare systems and the people that receive care in these systems.

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